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  • Moving is Crazy, But Also Pretty Much Finished

    Date: 2012.02.02 | Category: Life, as it happens | Response: 0

    So we’ve moved. We signed our lease January 14th. January 17th, Mother dear generously watched the kids while Dear Husband, his brother, and I packed the moving truck. Then they went their respective directions (work and home) and I drove the truck to our new place.

    We would have gone with Penske (better condition trucks, better prices), but they only had 10 foot trucks. So we went with U-Haul… who only had 10 and 26 footers. Apparently everyone around here decided to move this January. So I ended with a 26 foot moving van, the largest thing you can drive without a commercial drivers license. Once I got over the initial nervous adrenaline rush, it wasn’t much different from driving a street sweeper on the military base I worked at during my High School summers. Except I was going 70 MPH with other vehicles, rather than 5 MPH through empty parking lots. The thing shook so much that the side view mirrors made the headlights of every car behind me look like flashing lights. Hopefully, I won’t have to drive one of those again anytime soon.

    The stuff and I all arrived safely, if after dark. Couldn’t find a flashlight, so was stuck digging out the essentials using my cell phone to peer through the gloom. Note to people moving in the near future:  hold out a few essentials when you pack the truck–I had clothes put aside, but forgot about dinner and a place to sleep. About 20 minutes of rummaging turned up enough sleeping bags, couch cushions, and bedding to make a reasonable mattress, the microwave, and even a mug and hot cocoa.

    The next day, we moved everything in with help from a few local church members then returned to Mom’s and picked up the kids. Then the 19th was spent unpacking most of the boxes. Anna and Joshua enjoyed getting into the spirit of that, and have helped (for better/for worse) hold me to my goal of unpacking at least 2 boxes each day since. We’re now down to the books (which need bookshelves first), office supplies (which had just been stacked at our last place, anyway), tools (which are waiting for a shed to move in to), and decorative stuff waiting to be hung.

    I was going to do decorating Monday. Instead, the handyman showed up to install a replacement for the sliding glass door the landlady had order a week or two before we moved in. So I spent the day keeping the kids out of his way while DH helped him remove the old one and put in the new. But there were several problems because the old door was installed improperly, so it took all day, instead of just a few hours. He scheduled to show up the next morning and finish the job. I did have time to start on the decorating, getting a curtain rod up and adjusting the position of the shower curtain (so it would no longer attack when the shower was turned on), but was cut short when Anna pulled out a bottle of bright red, quick drying nail polish, tried to opened it, and end up spilling it across the bathroom. I was able to finish getting it all up, after the kids were in bed. Thus, the day ended.

    Since dishes and laundry had piled up, I planned to do those Tuesday, in the morning, then go grocery shopping before DH had work. I woke up nice and early to make breakfast… and opened the small freezer to discover it had thawed overnight. Everything was still refrigerator temperature. So I spent the day processing thawed fruits and raw meat, while the handyman struggled through new problems to finished squaring the new french doors and replace the brick trim he’d had to chisel out the day before to get the door in. Our landlady (bless her soul), went out and replaced the fridge that day; the appliance delivery men brought it about dinner time, just an hour or two after the handyman finished his doors.

    Yesterday, Wednesday, I was finally able to get to the mountains of dishes and laundry. Pretty much everything was dirty, so it took the whole day. Joshua and Anna now have an enormous bag of socks they can match to earn pennies, but the rest of it is put away. As I spoke on the phone with my brother, just before bed, I heard a strange sound in the kitchen and went to investigate. The light was swinging around and as I reached up to steady it, I wondered if it might have anything to do with the sounds Hubby thought he’d heard in the wall the night before; perhaps a rat in the ceiling set the light swinging. Then I realized the light shouldn’t be able to swing: it’s ceiling mounted. The screws had come loose from the drywall and the (improperly mounted) light had come totally out from the wall, left swinging by its wires. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything about it, except remove the heavy glass light cover (so it wouldn’t come totally crashing down), then crawled into bed. Dear Husband re-installed it properly this morning after breakfast.

    I finally made it out the door to go grocery shopping today, making it back just in time for DH to leave for work. I’m not exactly sure what I did after that. At one point, I found myself staring off into space while random thoughts rolled around in my head, coming out of it to realize that Anna had been trying for several minutes to get my attention. Not sure how long that had lasted… Zoned out again later, holding Anna, only to realize finally some unknown period of time later that she was sleep and Joshua had gone and put himself to bed.

    It’s been crazy. We’ve worked hard, all of us. We’ve tried to play hard, too; taking a little time to meet the neighbor kids and get out to enjoy the yard (We do have a yard now!). We’ve made it to church and a Primary activity. We’ve unpacked way too many boxes. But the laundry is done, the dishes are (mostly) clean, and there are no more sealed boxes. Perhaps tomorrow we will finally be ‘settled in’, able to breath again.

  • Recommend: Don’t Carpe Diem

    Date: 2012.01.19 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    The honestly, clarity, humor and downright style of this article caught me. It’s worth a few minutes of your time. Especially if you are having a bad day. Especially if you are having a good day. It’s absolute Mommy-gold.

    My favorite part:

    “Anyway. Clearly, Carpe Diem doesn’t work for me. I can’t even carpe fifteen minutes in a row, so a whole diem is out of the question.
    Here’s what does work for me:”

    Warm, real, solid. Read it.