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  • Scrapbooking overload Q&A

    Date: 2011.04.27 | Category: Create | Response: 0

    I ran into this question from a friend on Facebook and replied. Then I started thinking; two of the generally most universal problems among scrapbookers seem to be backlog and adding additional information. So I thought it might be worth passing along. Hopefully this helps.


    Q: Need some ideas on how to store photos. Having a total of 9 children we have accumulated many photos, but I also do genealogy and have photos and family stories from ancestors. How can one best store and preserve these photos in an organized way. If you have something that has worked for you please share.

    A:    I’ve been scrapbooking for years, but more and more I wanted to include stories and information rather than just the pictures. Handwriting that all in is a pain! So there are a couple routes I’ve come up with:

    1) type information in to the computer (or copy paste from existing blog/email/e-journal/other info), format text to your liking, and print onto attractive paper. This can be cut and scrapbooked in like a photo and will handle anything up to a page at a time.
    2) use an electronic scrapbooking program. There are good ones available for free download. You can plow through a lot more with a few attractive digital templates a LOT faster than piecing it together by hand. But digital media has a far more limited lifespan than a book (less than one generation), so strongly consider having a book printed when you are done. This is less expensive than traditional scrapbooking and copies are easy to reorder or even reorganize and personalize printings for family!

    If much of your backlog consists of actual photographs, letters, and other mementos, consider taking them somewhere to be scanned and digitally archived (most preferably someplace that is used to handling information worthy of archival treatment). It should ensure good quality, and scanning it all yourself can be extremely time intensive. Once it’s scanned, it should all fit on an external hard drive, easily organizable via folders.

  • Live again!

    Date: 2011.04.26 | Category: General | Response: 1

    Life got complicated in 2010. Mny stresses reduced my blogging because I wasn’t sure what to post and left me in no mood to write. Also, an aging second child demanded greater attention, since she was moving more and sleeping less. You may have noticed a decline in posts, to put it mildly… Then we moved in June. Since the move, we’ve been internet-less. Dear Husband has been using the library, but that didn’t really work for me with two kids. When DH generously took the kids a couple of times, I needed it all just to take care of e-mail.

    But we’ve finally gotten internet here at home! So, we actually exist again to the world at large. (Previously, I didn’t realize how many people feel unable to communicate with you without e-mail! Apparently, few people want to use the phone, these days.) Posts at least once a week is the goal. A few anecdotes I’ve recorded notes on to convey to family via the old fashioned telephone (lol) will make their way here now, backdated for accuracy’s sake.

    It’s good to be back! :)

  • Easter Testimony

    Date: 2011.04.24 | Category: General | Response: 0

    I came across this most beautiful music video about the Savior and his effect in our lives. I simply had to share it. It reflects so well my own testimony of the Savior and seems especially appropriate to share, in light of the Easter season.


    \”Why I Believe\” – Nicole Sheahan (paintings by Liz Lemon Swindle)


    May you feel the Savior at work in your own life. He loves you. I know it for certain.

  • My Metamorphic Son

    Date: 2011.04.15 | Category: Life, as it happens | Response: 0

    In the last two weeks, Joshua has spent his days as some rather extraordinary things. His imagination seems to run wild these days, soaking up anything he comes in contact with and reinventing it into something he can experience himself.

    He spent one whole day as a fairy, after watching a Disney movie. Not just any fairy, of course; he was Tinkerbell. From the moment he woke up the morning after the movie, he started off that way. Throughout the day he faded in and out between Joshua and Tink, it was Tinkerbell I finally tucked into bed with a goodnight kiss.

    Another day, after spending the morning singing out “Eyeballs for sale!” for all the world like a street seller, he spent the rest of the afternoon as an extra alien from Gerbil Planet (That all took some figuring out, but I was finally able to settle blame for both incidents on Jack Prelutsky; I’d been reading Joshua poetry from A Pizza the Size of the Sun.)

    However, my favorite pretend started out fairly normal. We spent part of the morning birdwatching out our sliding glass door. We practiced describing some of the birds and I identified a couple for Joshua. A little bit later, he tucked himself into a cardboard nest and told me to guess what kind of bird he was. “I’m not a robin, because I have a white tummy.” After several guesses, he declared himself to be a chicken. Was he a girl chicken who laid eggs or a boy chicken who says “cockadoodledoo”? He couldn’t make up his mind for a while. Later, when I was reading something, he can up with a cardboard box full of toys. “I’m a girl chicken who lays eggs. I laid a lot of eggs. Look, this one is soft. This one is pokey. And this one is a dinosaur shaped egg! I lay funny eggs! Hahaha.”